Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL’s Favorite Orthodontist For Braces

You Deserve to Feel Comfortable and Special


At Lucas Orthodontics, we go above and beyond to ensure you have the best possible experience every time you visit.  Upon arriving at your appointment in our Pembroke Pines or Plantation, FL, orthodontic office, you will be treated in your own personal clinical suite.  Your confidentiality and privacy is just as important as your comfort.  As a further step, all family members are welcome into the suite before, during, and after the appointment.



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Affordable Braces For You


The cost of braces varies on a case by case basis, which can only be determined after a consult.  At Lucas Orthodontics, you will never worry about the price of transforming your smile.  There will never be interest charged on your monthly installments for braces.  Additionally, we work with Care Credit which offers 0% financing plans. Our Financial Coordinator Shimeka will personally handle all of your insurance claims for you.

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Many Braces & Orthodontic Treatment Options Available


We realize that no two mouths are the same; therefore no two orthodontic treatment options and braces will be either.  At Lucas Orthodontics, numerous types of braces and orthodontic treatment options are available for you to choose from. Each option will be reviewed and explained to you in detail during your initial complimentary Lucas Smile Analysis.  We’ll educate you on all of your options and help you decide which type of braces and orthodontic treatment option is best for you.



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Extensive Orthodontic Experience


Since 1994, orthodontist Dr. Lucas has helped over 16,000 people transform their happy and healthy smiles with braces and orthodontic treatment.  Several members of our staff have over 25 years of orthodontic experience.  No matter what your condition may be, we have likely helped a similar patient in our years of experience.  We are happy to show you before and after pictures to provide examples of our exceptional results.


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Advanced Technology and Treatment Options


By choosing Lucas Orthodontics for your braces and orthodontic treatment, you are opting for a smile solution that relies all of the latest advancements in modern orthodontic technology. Even on your first visit, you will have a digital x-ray taken with an iTero™ machine that produces a meticulously accurate reproduction of the position of your teeth. The new technology eliminates the goop, gagging, and discomfort that comes with traditional tray and putty impressions. The old technique is especially unpleasant and generally results in taking multiple impressions that break, misplace or reject. With this X-ray, Dr. Lucas will be able to determine the best course of action for your smile journey, whether it be metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign®.

Additionally, you will be able to transform your smile up to 50% faster than traditional treatment plans. By using Propel Vpro5, Dr. Lucas can help shift your teeth into placement faster than ever before.

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Our Guarantee to You

Our Guarantee To You-pic

At Lucas Orthodontics, we offer a 100% Lucas Smile satisfaction guarantee for all our braces and orthodontic treatment options.  We know that braces are no small investment, so we stand behind our treatment ensuring that you can have your happy, healthy smile for life!

Parents can also relax with our Lucas Invisalign Teen Guarantee! Are you concerned that your teen may not be compliant with their Invisalign treatment? No worries! If, after 1 to 3 months, Dr. Lucas can tell that your child hasn’t been wearing their aligners properly, he will fit them with traditional, semi-permanent braces at no additional cost to you. This is just another way that we strive to make orthodontic treatment easy and enjoyable.

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Family Discounts Available


Family discount programs are available if your family is having orthodontic work done on two or more people.  Call us and ask about our options today!




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Convenient Orthodontic Office Locations In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL


Whether it’s for school, work, or extracurricular activities, life frequently takes you all over town.  At Lucas Orthodontics, we have two convenient orthodontic office locations located in Pembroke Pines, FL, and Plantation FL.  We also have options for appointment times outside of the normal business hours – and even on Saturday!

For a limited time, stop by either of our locations for your FREE 2016-2017 planner or travel mug. No obligation or purchase required – this is our gift to you!


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We Want You to Have Fun


Your experience at Lucas Orthodontics will be professional and fun. By becoming one of our patients, you will get to participate in contests to win prizes like tickets to Miami Heat games and other awesome events. Be sure to visit us on Facebook to stay updated!




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