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Advanced Technology

Experience the Ease of High-Tech Dentistry

At Lucas Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to crafting smiles that embrace the latest advancements in orthodontic technology. We prioritize your comfort with precision and efficiency in every procedure, starting from your very first visit.  

Improved Patient Experience

Faster Treatment Times

Increased Patient Comfort

Fewer In-Office Appointments

More Precise Tooth Alignment

No More Hassles

Say goodbye to the hassles of tray and putty impressions that often break or are misplaced. Our cutting-edge iTero™ machine for digital X-rays eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional impressions. No goop or gagging—just a precise reproduction of your teeth’s position.

No More Long Waiting Times

With Propel Vpro5, we take your smile transformation to another level. This innovative technology enables us to shift your teeth into alignment up to 50% faster than traditional treatment plans. 

No More Compromises

We bring 3D printing to our orthodontic services for retainers, mouthguards, and nightguards, creating precise and tailored appliances that perfectly fit the unique contours of each patient’s mouth. Get faster delivery without compromising on the quality or accuracy of our custom-made orthodontic appliances. 

Our advanced techniques ensure a smooth and accurate assessment of your dental structure, allowing Dr. Lucas to map out the ideal smile journey for you—whether it involves metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign®.