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InBrace Revolutionary Hidden Braces

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InBrace is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. InBrace® combines the reliability of traditional braces, the appeal of lingual braces, and the first genuinely invisible method of tooth-straightening available. With the revolutionary Smartwire™ technology, InBrace® is changing how we think about braces!

What is InBrace®?

An InBrace device for straightening teeth discretlyInBrace uses custom-fit metal brackets that mount on the back of your teeth (lingual). With the aid of a computer-designed Smartwire™ and your treatment plan, alignment is effortless. The brackets and wire are not visible. You can show off your smile on the first day!

The unique design of the wire makes oral hygiene easier too! The wavy wire permits easy flossing to the gum line without the need to thread the floss over or under the wire.

How Does InBrace Work?

Treatment begins with an examination. If you are a good candidate for InBrace®, the orthodontist will use an intraoral scanner to create a 3D map of your mouth. The map allows the AI software to personalize your Smartwire™.

Gentleforce™ technology is programmed into your Smartwire™ based on your treatment plan. The movement of your teeth progresses automatically. There are no adjustments necessary and no mechanisms or slides to malfunction.

Almost as if your treatment is on autopilot, InBrace® goes to work immediately straightening your teeth to create your perfect smile. In fact, you can show off your smile as soon as the doctor has finished affixing your InBrace® system!

Gentleforce™ Technology

Advanced AI algorithms and 3D computer modeling create the most direct path from your current smile to your perfect smile. The efficient movement requires less force and creates healthier tooth movement.

Smartwire™ Loop Technology

The computer-designed Smartwire™ loop is constructed using 3D technology. This design, with the Gentleforce™ technology, makes InBrace® truly revolutionary.

Slim Fit Ligation System

Each bracket contains a locking loop design, which creates a friction-free ligation system. The smaller brackets increase comfort as they deliver the necessary torque to move teeth efficiently.

Advantages of the InBrace® System

If your goal is straighter teeth with less muss and less fuss, InBrace® will fill the bill. If you want a reliable, accurate, and timely way to straighten your smile — InBrace® is it.

InBrace® offers convenience. There are no trays to remove when you eat or drink. Although there are some foods you should avoid to keep from damaging the hardware, the dietary restrictions are not near as difficult as with traditional metal braces.

The Smartwire™ is custom-fit to allow easy oral hygiene without wrestling around the wire. The low-profile brackets are entirely invisible. Brushing and flossing can be completed normally while the Gentleforce™ technology works to align your smile gently. InBrace is a healthy choice.

As the only truly invisible system to straighten teeth, you can be confident during your InBrace® treatment period. From the first day, you can smile knowing that the Gentleforce™ technology is busy aligning your smile.

What Problems Can InBrace® Correct?

When it comes to correcting a variety of orthodontic problems, InBrace can be successful in treating:

  • Improper spacing/gap teeth
  • Crowding
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Open bite

If you are not sure whether you would be a good candidate for InBrace treatment, make an appointment for a consultation with Lucas Orthodontics.

You can schedule your appointment at either of our two convenient locations, Pembroke Pines or Plantation. To speak directly to a scheduling Coordinator, please call:

Pembroke Pines — (954) 787-3052
Plantation — (954) 787-3849

As the only local provider of InBrace, Dr. Albert Lucas and his entire staff are eager to work with you to determine your suitability for this revolutionary new technology.

Find out why InBrace translates to Pure WOW! Straighten your teeth with the only truly invisible braces.

What Our Patients Say

  • The best Orthodontist, assistants, and office staff! After two years wearing braces, they’re finally off! I’m so happy with the results, Doctor Lucas is truly amazing and knowledgeable, his staff are very patient and caring, definitely highly recommend!!!!

    - Andy H.
  • My experience here has always been amazing. This is my 2nd time getting braces with them due to not wearing my retainer. I was very pleased with my results the first time and am sure I will achieve the same beautiful smile a 2nd time. Glory at the front desk is very kind and helpful when checking you in and working you up. All the staff is very sweet and I love how clean and bright the facility is.

    - Victoria O.
  • I’ve have been coming to Lucas Orthodontics for almost 15 years. All three of my children have excellent smiles. The staff and Dr. Lucas are AMAZING to say the least. I highly recommend going there. Thank you so much!!!

    - Fior T.
  • Dr. Lucas is very good and his staff was very attentive and caring. They showed patience and kindness to my son. They made him feel safe and comfortable through a very uncomfortable procedure. Thank you!

    - Michelle R.

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