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Initial Visit

Do you charge for an initial visit?

No. As a courtesy to you and your family dentist, we will always discuss the feasibility of braces or teeth straightening without charging a fee. There may be a co-payment for X-rays and other diagnostic procedures.  To ensure you have a complimentary Lucas Smile Analysis, request an appointment with us then download and print your $250 Savings Certificate.

At what age do you start seeing patients for braces and orthodontic treatment?

As a rule of thumb, we like to evaluate young patients for braces and orthodontic treatment typically between the ages of 6 and 8.  This is congruent with what The American Association of Orthodontists recommends — after the 6-year molars erupt and the front permanent teeth just begin to appear.

Why do you evaluate patients so young?

The purpose of an early evaluation is to inform and observe, rather than start braces and orthodontic treatment.  A small percentage of this young group may need some form of intervention. The earlier we see your child, the more options we will also have for treatment as habits are evaluated and eventual needs are identified and discussed.

How long will the first visit take?

The first visit can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how ready the patient is for treatment. We may only do a visual exam and explain the situation or we may suggest one or more X-rays with complete diagnostics, including casts of the teeth with photographs.

Do you take patients transferring from out of town?

Yes. We handle a patient transferring into our Pembroke Pines or Plantation, FL, orthodontic office from another city just like a new patient. We gather complete diagnostic records to show the current status and propose treatment to complete the work that has been started.

Do you have any adult patients for braces?

Absolutely! In fact, with newer cosmetic appliances, a growing percentage of our patients with braces are adults.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

Orthodontists are specially trained dentists who have completed several extra years of training in order to help straighten teeth.  You might say we specialize in smiles.  All orthodontists are dentists, but only 6% of dentists are orthodontists.

Can I make all my appointments in the afternoon after school and late in the day?

Some procedures may need to be accomplished between the hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm. However, early and late appointments are available as we will always do our best to work with your schedule and accommodate your family needs.

Do you see patients for emergencies?

Yes, our contact information for an emergency is posted on our website along with the number for our answering machine.


Can we make payments towards braces and orthodontic treatment?

Yes. Whether or not you have insurance or a dental plan, we will structure a convenient, flexible, and affordable payment plan for braces and orthodontic treatment that will allow you to pay for necessary services over a period of time.

How do you handle insurance?

After verification of coverage, we will agree to bill and collect from an insurance carrier. However, we ask patients to understand that if coverage ceases or changes, the patient is still responsible for the agreed upon fee.

Do you take American Express, Master Card and/or Visa?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Do you have direct debit?

Yes, we have arrangements for direct debit, charge card posting, as well as payments over the internet.

Do you charge interest?

No, we do not.

Do you give family discounts for braces and orthodontic treatment?

Yes, we have special programs for multiple patients from the same family for braces and orthodontic treatment.

Three Affordable, Interest-Free Payment Options

It is our mission to provide you with affordable, high-quality braces and orthodontic treatment that fits your budget! We offer a variety of payment options for braces to meet your needs. At Lucas Orthodontics, we don’t ever want finances to stand in the way of your braces and orthodontic treatment.


We always accept payment-in-full for orthodontic services rendered and provide a discount to our patients that prefer this payment method.

In-House Financing

We offer in-house financing with an affordable down payment and interest-free monthly payments for braces and orthodontic treatment. Our treatment coordinator will discuss all your options at your first visit or when treatment is ready to begin.

Insurance Coverage

If your insurance covers braces and orthodontic treatment, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Many employers offer dental insurance with lifetime orthodontic benefits that are distinct from regular dental insurance.

Orthodontic insurance policies vary and we will review your insurance to determine the appropriate course of action. Once treatment has begun, we will file your claims.

To help us with your insurance filing, please complete the insurance questions on our questionnaire. Please remember that orthodontic insurance is a benefit for you or your child. However, if during the course of treatment your benefits change or are terminated, the financially responsible party is accountable for all charges no longer covered by your plan.

What Our Patients Say

  • The best Orthodontist, assistants, and office staff! After two years wearing braces, they’re finally off! I’m so happy with the results, Doctor Lucas is truly amazing and knowledgeable, his staff are very patient and caring, definitely highly recommend!!!!

    - Andy H.
  • My experience here has always been amazing. This is my 2nd time getting braces with them due to not wearing my retainer. I was very pleased with my results the first time and am sure I will achieve the same beautiful smile a 2nd time. Glory at the front desk is very kind and helpful when checking you in and working you up. All the staff is very sweet and I love how clean and bright the facility is.

    - Victoria O.
  • I’ve have been coming to Lucas Orthodontics for almost 15 years. All three of my children have excellent smiles. The staff and Dr. Lucas are AMAZING to say the least. I highly recommend going there. Thank you so much!!!

    - Fior T.
  • Dr. Lucas is very good and his staff was very attentive and caring. They showed patience and kindness to my son. They made him feel safe and comfortable through a very uncomfortable procedure. Thank you!

    - Michelle R.

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