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7 Clear Braces Tips to Help Maximize Treatment

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7 Clear Braces Tips to Help Maximize Treatment

9 Oct 2021

Let’s face it, while there are many teeth straightening treatment options out there. You can make the most out of your treatment with these clear braces tips.

Clear braces stand out as the most desirable alternative for many.  They are naturally comfortable to wear and less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Their discreet design allows you to align your teeth and achieve a flawless smile without having to worry about the appearance of your braces.

However, clear braces are slightly more expensive due to their design and the high-quality material used in making them. That’s why you need to take proper care of your clear braces to ensure you get the desired results in the shortest time possible. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of your clear braces treatment and get the best results.

Wear Your Clear Braces Full Time

While clear braces are removable, you should wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. You should only remove them when eating, brushing your teeth participating in sports. Since they are removable, you can easily see the progress whenever you want.

Not wearing your clear braces full-time or skipping for several weeks can make your teeth shift to their original placement. Once your teeth shift, your braces may not fit properly anymore, requiring a new set of braces. This not only increases the overall cost of treatment but also lengthens your treatment time.

This is probably the most important one of all the clear braces tips. It’s always best to wear your braces long enough, preferably stick as closely to 22 hours as possible. This will prevent hindering the treatment progress and avoid additional costs, helping you get the most out of your treatment.

Bite down on Chewies

Every time you wear a new set of braces, they may not fit against your teeth at first. This mainly happens when there are air gaps between your teeth and the braces.  The best way to eliminate these air-gaps is by biting down on chewies, which are small cylindrical objects made of a cushion-like material. Chewies help your braces seat snuggly and tightly on your teeth, allowing them to work effectively.

If you find your braces aren’t fitting correctly, consider biting down on a chewie for at least 5 to 10 minutes at a time, a few times a day, until the braces fit firmly on your teeth. This will help ensure your teeth shift according to the planned movements, increasing your chances of completing treatment on time.

You can reuse your chewie several times before replacing it with a new one once it has lost its elasticity. Rinse your chewies with warm water, and occasionally, use a drop of disinfectant soap to keep them clean.

Keep Your Braces Clean

To prevent your clear braces from losing their clarity, ensure you keep them clean always.  When not properly cleaned, clear braces can easily get stained or discolored. This makes them appear cloudy and even have an odor and feel sticky in your mouth.

You can clean your clear braces using warm water and antibacterial soap but ensure the water isn’t hot since it can damage the braces. Another way to clean your braces is using toothpaste that doesn’t contain abrasive substances that could scratch your braces.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

It’s also crucial that you observe good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least three times per day will help prevent food particles from getting trapped around the clear brackets, leading to tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth increases your chance of eliminating any food particles on your teeth and reduces the risk of tooth decay, which could compromise your treatment. Be sure to always have a toothbrush with you for those times you’re away from home.

Also, you must remove the clear braces before a meal to ensure no food particles get stuck beneath the braces. This also helps prevent the braces from getting broken or cracked when chewing. Always rinse your mouth before getting the braces back on.

Make Sure to Change Braces as Scheduled

Another great tip is to ensure that your braces are changed as scheduled. Not changing your braces as scheduled can slow your treatment progress, hindering you from achieving the results within the set timeline.

Following the intervals specified by your treatment helps you stay on top of your clear braces schedule and ensure you have new braces when it’s time. Be sure to ask your orthodontist how often you need to change your braces and stick closely to the schedule to ensure that your teeth align within the set timeline.

Make Use of Attachments

Clear braces work most effectively when resting firmly and tightly against the teeth.  However, clear braces can sometimes slip when making certain movements or speaking.  That’s why your orthodontist may consider using attachments to give the braces a firmer grip on your teeth.

This will help maximize the effectiveness of your braces, allowing you to get the desired results within the set timeline. The visibility of your attachments will depend on the bonding color and where they are placed.  However, they are usually less noticeable.

Wear Your Retainer After Treatment Period

The best way to maintain your beautiful smile even after your teeth are aligned is by continuing to wear your retainer. This will help support your newly aligned teeth, allowing them enough time to settle into position. Check with your orthodontist on how often and when you should wear your retainer to maintain your perfect smile.

We Hope These Clear Braces Tips Help

Taking proper care of clear braces is crucial to getting the most out of your treatment. Practicing clear braces tips can help your braces work effectively to get your desired results within the set timeline.

Always make sure you notify your orthodontist if anything appears amiss about your clear braces. Also, you must keep routine appointments to have your braces checked and any adjustments made if needed.

At Lucas Orthodontics, we offer high-quality clear braces that can transform your smile! Contact us for questions! You will be able to use these clear braces tips while you perfect your smile.

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