Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Your Favorite Bilingual Orthodontist In Pembroke Pines & Plantation, FL

Orthodontic braces can cost up to $8,000 and since few families can afford to pay this amount, you should look for ways to qualify for a discounted or affordable braces Pembroke Pines even if you can’t find free options in your area.

Affordable Braces Through Dental Assistance Programs

If you qualify for Medicaid, then your state government may pay for your orthodontic braces. Qualifications vary from state to state so you will need all the necessary information about the requirements where you live. In most cases, in order to benefit from Medicaid, your family needs to live near the poverty line. Many states offer dental assistance programs to help low-income families pay for their dental treatments. In some cases, not-for-profit organizations provide assistance in covering short-term dental treatments. You can also explore free clinics run by medical and dental volunteers or grants to cover costs that you may not be able to afford under extraordinary circumstances.

What If You Don’t Qualify for Medicaid?

If your family doesn’t qualify for affordable or free braces through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid, you should consider getting a dental plan that would lower the cost of orthodontic braces. Your dental plan can help you save a considerable amount on braces for children and adults. Once you have secured your dental plan, you get a discounted rate for all of your dental treatments including orthodontics. You’ll need to discuss with your dentist to see exactly how much your braces will cost after a dental plan discount.

Set Up a Flex Spending Plan or Health Savings Account

You can talk to your employer or your bank about setting up a flex spending plan or health savings account if you don’t have one yet. By using the funds to pay for your braces, you won’t be taxed on the amount spent on your treatment.

who offers affordable braces pembroke pines?

Looking for an Option for Affordable Braces Pembroke Pines?

Orthodontic treatment is not only an investment but a very important one. If you want to learn more about how you can avail of our affordable braces Pembroke Pines, contact Lucas Orthodontics for more information.

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