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How Do Braces Fix an Overbite?

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How Do Braces Fix an Overbite?

25 Jan 2023

braces on overbite

Having an overbite is a valid enough reason to feel insecure about your smile. This misalignment of teeth prevents people from flashing their smiles. Besides not looking visually appealing for some, leaving an overbite untreated can cause health problems that will negatively affect one’s well-being.

Here, we’ll explain what an overbite is, what causes it, and how braces can solve it. Keep reading ahead!


What Exactly Is an Overbite?

An overbite is an orthodontic condition, a malocclusion, where the upper set of one’s teeth overlaps the bottom set of teeth. Normally, everyone has a slight overlap of about 20% when the mouth is closed. Beyond that is going to be considered an overbite.

There are two kinds of overbite: dental and skeletal. It’s considered a dental overbite when orthodontic treatments can easily correct the misalignment of teeth. Skeletal overbites may need surgery to fix the solution because of the irregularities in jaw development.

The severity of the overbite varies from person to person. Some could have an extreme condition where immediate treatment is needed, while others may be more subtle that it isn’t a cause for concern.


What are the Causes of an Overbite?

There are a number of different factors that would cause a person to have an overbite. It can appear during childhood or even adulthood or be inherited through genetics. Let’s say both your parents have had overbites. You’re more likely to have one, too.

Besides inheriting it from your parents, you can also be born with jaw irregularities that need corrective treatment. If you have missing teeth, it can cause your other teeth to shift, affecting your overall position. 

Lastly, a person can manifest an overbite if they have habits like thumb sucking for a long time or extended use of pacifiers among children. Additionally, teeth grinding, chewing on tough objects (like a pencil), and excessive nailbiting also lead to a higher risk of jaw misalignment. 

overbite and braces

The Different Overbite Problems

An overbite can worsen over time if it is left untreated. People with overbites share similar struggles, such as speech impediments or discomfort while chewing. Having an overbite also increases the risk of developing cavities and gum disease; the misaligned teeth create areas that can be tricky to clean. 

Additionally, an overbite can wear out enamel and incur soft tissue damage. Misaligned teeth can impact each other, and your gums may also be affected.


Braces and Overbite

So, how do braces fix an overbite?

Orthodontists will recommend braces to treat the condition, depending on its severity. They are the easiest solution because they can treat most overbite issues effectively and straighten the teeth periodically to fix the misalignment. The first step to determining the best solution for your overbite is by starting with an X-ray scan to get a closer look at your teeth’s misalignment. 

From there, the orthodontist can pinpoint the type of overbite and the relationship between the teeth and jaw. Then, it’s time to attach the braces to treat the condition.

Besides applying braces, orthodontists can recommend tooth extraction, jaw surgery, or a palatal expander.

The best way to know which treatment is the most suited for your overbite is by scheduling a visit to the orthodontist.


Find a Solution for Your Overbite

By receiving the proper treatment to fix teeth misalignment issues, you will be able to correct your overbite within the set timeline. Lucas Orthodontics has two locations that offer free consultations for first-timers: one in Plantation and the other at Pembroke Pines.

Find out the best treatment for your teeth by partnering with us! Send us an inquiry today and be one step closer to achieving your perfect smile.

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